Some of the Best Natural Remedies Can Be Done at Home

Home remedies for acid refluxBy Bruce Kaechele

With 1 out of every 3 adults suffering from acid reflux symptoms monthly, the rule for symptom treatment information should be “do no harm”. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case for most sufferers.

Website content, television promotion, and newspaper advertisements, in most cases recommend the “status quo” and popular relief recommendation – powerful prescription and over-the-counter medications. Is that right for everyone? Do medicated users know the potential side effects associated with long term use? The answer to those questions is universally NO!

What are the “do no harm” rules for information on home remedies for acid reflux?

It must be personal and relevant.

Acid reflux disease is actually a long-term chronic condition that has defined stages. It is important to know your reflux disease stage before making any treatment decisions. The different stages require very different treatment strategies and types of professional care.

It must be honest and accurate.

Without honest and accurate information, it’s impossible to make the best decisions about your care and you may have a hard time effectively managing your disease.

It must provide all options available.

Since most physicians are skeptical that patients will make the necessary lifestyle changes to affect their disease, the vast majority recommends daily medications to reduce symptoms. Unfortunately, medications do not stop acid reflux disease from progressing.

Why home remedies for acid reflux disease are important

Home remedies work

1 in 3If you have Stage 1 reflux disease, then managing your symptoms with home remedies is the very best thing you can do to avoid disease progression to Stage 2 (or worse). However, as your reflux stage increases, the benefit and impact of these recommendations will have less impact on your symptoms and your disease progression.

In all cases, home remedies can help and should be considered as part of your overall approach to managing your disease. We strongly believe that you should start by understanding your reflux stage.

Home remedies are inexpensive

Most home remedies are less costly than other therapies, like medications and surgery. If you have more advanced acid reflux disease, you may find that home remedies can’t replace other therapies, but that they can deliver some level of relief for a reasonable cost.

Home remedies put you in control

Finally, home remedies put you back into control of your disease rather than assuming a pill is a quick fix and easy answer – it is not! The home remedies we will discuss in this site require your participation. Adoption of these strategies will empower you and engage you to manage your disease – and it is YOUR DISEASE!

In most cases, reflux disease is a result of things YOU have done to damage the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the muscle barrier that keeps your stomach contents in your stomach and away from your esophagus. So we believe this: IF YOU BROKE IT, YOU SHOULD FIX IT! Besides, it’s your body, and you reflux symptoms are a message telling you to make some changes – or you will pay the price.

What home remedies are we going to discuss in this site?

Elevation therapy – Almost all physicians recommend elevating the head of the bed. Why? Because elevating the top half of the body 6 to 8 inches allows gravity to help keep those stomach contents in the stomach and away from the esophagus.

Portion control – One way the LES can be damaged is to overeat. Why? Because distending the stomach causes the LES to stretch. The more the LES stretches, the weaker and shorter it becomes until it no longer functions as an effective barrier.

Weight management – The heavier you get (especially around the middle), the more pressure you put on that LES. As the stomach gets larger, the LES stretches and, as with large meals, will begin to fail.

Diet and trigger foods – Many foods and drinks contribute to weakening the LES, and some also trigger more severe symptoms.

Managing the time between dinner and bedtime – After a meal, your stomach is pretty busy digesting your food. Some pretty heavy duty acid is required to get that job done and the more time you allow it to clear your stomach, the less chance you have of severe symptoms.

Avoid certain drugs that can promote reflux disease – Unfortunately, drug classifications such as sedatives, calcium channel blockers, nitrates, and alcohol can contribute to the disease and result in more frequent symptoms.

Some unique home remedies might also work for you – Things like chewing gum after meals, drinking a mixture of baking soda and water, aloe vera juice – just to name a few – have been suggested as beneficial. You might want to try some of these “home remedies” to see if they help you, too.

SO LET’S GET STARTED. We plan to provide information on these topics that is honest and accurate. We have asked Dr. William Dengler, the founder of Legato Medical Symptoms, the nations only company that develops and Heartburn Treatment Centers, to review our content. Dr. Dengler is one of the foremost authorities on acid reflux disease, and through his Legato’s Centers, thousands of individuals have found relief and improved health.

2 comments on “Some of the Best Natural Remedies Can Be Done at Home
  1. Dave says:

    This type of information is so much more beneficial than what we are hearing from physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. Everyone suffering with acid reflux must use some of these ideas to take control of their disease rather than reduce symptoms with drugs. If you think those PPIs are safe, do your research!

  2. Good web site you have got here.. It’s hard to find high quality writing like yours nowadays. I honestly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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